Divorce isn’t the only option when people are facing challenging family issues. Besides divorce, Audra is prepared to help clients explore:
Couples Counseling – If you haven’t been to couples counseling or therapy, but would like to try, Audra can refer you to a marriage-friendly therapist.
Reconciliation – It is entirely possible for couples to either reconcile or attempt reconciliation once the collaborative divorce process begins. There have been several cases where the couple wanted to put the divorce on hold in an effort to reconcile. For those who don’t reconcile, they at least know they tried everything to save their marriage.
Discernment Counseling – If one spouse (or both) is on the fence about moving forward with divorce or working on the marriage, discernment counseling should be discussed. Audra can refer couples to a discernment counselor/coach, who helps assess the potential of marriage restoration or whether it is better to continue toward divorce.

In mediation, spouses meet with a neutral third party, the mediator, to help facilitate an agreement about family law issues. It is the mediator’s job to keep the couple on task and help maintain open communication between the parties, so they can brainstorm workable solutions. A mediator does not give legal advice.

To cater to everyone’s interests during mediation, a financial neutral and child specialist can be called in to help with cash flow and parenting plans. Families can pursue counseling as necessary to help with additional needs throughout the transition.