Who Will Be My Valentine?

Couples, particularly those in a newer relationship, often feel pressured with romantic expectations for Valentine’s Day.  For those contemplating or in the middle of a divorce, Valentine’s Day can be particularly stressful because expressing romantic love to a sweetheart simply can’t be fulfilled.  And unfortunately, we are bombarded with all that is Valentine’s Day when out and about because in the greeting card aisle of every store, you will find mass-produced cards full of sugary sentiments.  The hearts!  And glitter!  As with so many holidays, commercialism has found its way into expressing love through cards.

While there is nothing wrong with buying/receiving a store-bought card (or any other classic Valentine’s Day gift, like roses or chocolates), I personally think it is more meaningful to spontaneously express your feelings in your own words and gestures throughout the year, not only to your sweetheart, but to all the special people in your life.  If you are going through a divorce and not at all in a Valentine’s Day mood, what would it cost to focus on making your precious kiddos your Valentines?  Honestly, kids take Valentine’s Day to a whole new level, and it’s so fun!  Instead of feeling pressure to be in a romantic relationship and consume everything that is red and sparkly on February 14th, perhaps Valentine’s Day can serve as a reminder that every day is an opportunity for us to tell all the people we care about – not just a sweetheart – how much they mean to us.

-Audra Holbeck

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